"Private equity is a growth engine for innovation, start-ups and SMEs."
- Ulrike Hinrichs

Who is the German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association?

The German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVK) is the voice and face of the private equity sector in Germany. We take a stand on policy issues and the media in an effort to underline how important private equity is for the German economy. We constantly monitor and analyse the market and respond to changes. We encourage our members to share their experiences with each other to help the private equity sector in Germany grow closer together.

The BVK has 300 members. Around 200 of our members are private equity firms in the fields of venture capital, growth financing and large buyouts. We also have institutional investors among our ranks. Our other 100 members comprise consultancy firms, service providers and other institutions that work with private equity firms. The BVK is based at Reinhardtstraße 29b, right in the heart of Berlin’s government quarter. This is where the office of the BVK does its work, led by Ulrike Hinrichs as Executive Board Member.

The BVK also has a legal advisory board, which is made up of renowned lawyers who specialise in financial markets and tax. The advisory boards support and advise the BVK.