The German Venture Capital and Private Equity Barometer is a mood indicator developed by the BVK and KfW in cooperation with the Deutsche Börse Venture Network for the German private equity market. To compile this data, private equity firms active in Germany are asked to assess their current and expected business outlook and answer questions about various factors that may influence their mood.

Since the second quarter of 2019, the German Venture Capital Barometer and German Private Equity Barometer have been established as separate mood indicators for the German early-stage and later-stage investment markets respectively. The German Private Equity Barometer had previously also included the assessments of venture capital companies; these are now incorporated in the separate German Venture Capital Barometer.

The reports provide a concise summary of the results of the quarterly surveys. All survey participants also exclusively receive a detailed indicator report on the key market factors influencing the mood in the industry.

The reports are in german!