Mark Schmitz

Mark Schmitz is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of equation AG, a modern asset manager specialising in technology investments. Equation bases its work on scientific data. It develops investment software and has shares in various venture capital funds as well as direct investments. Prior to this, Mr Schmitz was a member of the founding team at Lakestar, one of the largest venture capital funds in Europe with over 1 billion euro in assets under management. He managed Berlin-based Lakestar Dependance until mid-2019 as Partner and Managing Director.

He has a wealth of experience in many different industries and roles: FinTech (solarisBank), PropTech (McMakler), Software as a Service (Teralytics) and Travel Tech (Omio). Mr Schmitz has been a BVK Board Member since June 2019. He is an Atlantik-Brücke Young Leader and took part in the first Baden-Baden founder talks. He studied law and economics in Germany (Bucerius Law School, TU Munich) and the USA (Stanford University, Graduate School of Business).

Position: Board of Directors at equation AG