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36Brains is an intelligence advisory and investigations firm committed to helping clients navigate change, mitigate risk and create long-term value in a transparent and sustainable way.

36Brains combines deep knowledge of corporate intelligence and business investigations with an unconditional commitment to technology, ensuring that our clients can act swiftly and make confident and informed decisions in challenging situations or environments.

Together with our unparalleled network of partners and sources, our cross-functional team with decades of in-the-trenches experience in Southern Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East, assists clients in managing transactional, reputational, regulatory, legal, financial, and operational risks.

Private equity, hedge funds, investment banks and their legal advisors are key clients. We assist them with reputational and third-party due diligence, M&A intelligence, competitive intelligence, leak of information, internal investigations, forensics & AI-assisted analytics and eDiscovery, where we are Relativity partners.

We pride ourselves in helping organizations protect their investments, remedy misconduct and establish a culture of corporate governance that encourages employees to abide by a company’s values and principles. Reputation matters, everywhere.


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