Who we are

The German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association e.V. (BVK) is the voice and the face of the private equity sector in Germany.

We advocate for the German private equity sector. We fight for a better tax environment and easier access to private equity, so that even more companies in Germany can profit from the benefits of private equity. We take up positions with politicians and the media to underscore the important role that private equity plays in the German economy. We keep an eye on the market and analyse its development, because private equity is a driver of growth in innovation and new and medium-sized businesses. We promote the exchange of experience and expertise between our members in order to help the private equity industry in Germany grow closer together.

Our association unites the interests of our 300 members. Nearly 200 of our members are private equity firms that invest in German companies in the form of venture capital, growth financing or buyouts. We also have institutional investors among the ranks of our members. Moreover, we represent almost 100 consultancy and law firms that work with private equity firms.

Our association has its headquarters at Reinhardtstraße 29b, right in the middle of Berlin’s government quarter. This is where the office of the BVK does its work, which is led by Ulrike Hinrichs Executive Board Member.

In addition to Hinrichs, eight other honorary members make up the Management Board of BVK, who are active in the private equity market and represent the individual speciality areas of the BVK. The two spokesmen of the Management Board are Dr Regina Hodits and Dr Christian Stoffel.

In addition, the BVK has three advisory boards: a legal advisory board, an academic advisory board whose members are renowned researchers in the field of financial markets and a BVK advisory board made up of well-known personalities from the private equity sector and its related fields. The advisory boards support and advise the BVK.