What we offer

We give our industry a voice and a face

1. Our objectives

The BVK advocates for the best possible environment for private equity in Germany. In addition to that, we would like to promote awareness of the work done by private equity firms.

The BVK’s primary function is therefore the success of its members. We represent the interests of the private equity sector in Germany vis-à-vis politicians, the press, market players and the public. As an association, we offer our members the most comprehensive and influential network in the industry – with all relevant stakeholders. We see ourselves as a service provider: the needs of our members determine what we offer.

2. We are a constructive partner

So that our members can work with greater success, we hold constructive discussions with representatives from the worlds of politics, the press, academia and other associations – at both a national and international level.

We speak with politicians

  • We assist in the legislative process.
  • We regularly speak with political decision-makers across Germany.
  • We present the companies of our members to politicians.
  • We keep politicians informed on current developments.

We handle press and public relations

  • We keep journalists informed via press conferences, press releases, background conversations and workshops.
  • We report on all current events in the industry.
  • We invite representatives from the worlds of politics, economics and the interested public to our events.
  • We make specialised information available on the internet.
  • We present examples of investments.
  • We support our members with their press and public relations work.

We report

  • We report on current developments in planned laws and regulations.
  • We research and present industry data.
  • We maintain relations with international associations and institutions.

3. BVK members have exclusive benefits

We keep you up to date

  • With industry information in the member’s area on the BVK website.
  • With our monthly BVK news and newsletters on current events.

We offer you opportunities for expert discussions and professional development

  • With training and professional development courses on the private equity business.
  • With regular specialist groups, work groups, seminars and workshops.
  • With comprehensive networking opportunities and contacts with institutional investors, politicians, press, companies and other associations.
  • With free or discounted access to BVK events.

We support you

  • With our international fundraising network.
  • With our expertise and materials for your press and public relations work.
  • With our political contacts in their roles in the world of politics.
  • With the publication of your member profile on our website.

We set standards

  • Membership in the BVK is a seal of quality.
  • The BVK has recognised and adopted the EVCA Guidelines. The BVK Professional Standards correspond to the European standards.
  • Members of the BVK adhere to the BVK Professional Standards: these are made up of the BVK Code of Conduct, the EVCA Guidelines (Governing Principles, Reporting Guidelines, Corporate Governance Guidelines) as well as the International Private Equity and Venture Capital Valuation Guidelines.

We connect private equity firms and advisers

We offer an associated membership for advisers in the private equity market. Aside from the standard services, associated members can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Invitation to all BVK events
  • Use of all information available to the BVK
  • Access to BVK consultation for legal and tax questions, as well as for political communication within the framework of the legal and tax working group
  • Option of hiring consultants for presentations in the specialist groups

We advocate for your success