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BVK - Bundesverband Deutscher Kapitalbeteiligungsgesellschaften e.V.


  • Blau Mobilfunk: Independent operator revolutionises German mobile communications market

    Mobile phone, Smartphone or iPhone - the world today would barely function any more without mobile communications. The mobile market is extremely profitable and therefore produces fierce competition. Large players such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, E-Plus etc. used to be the only alternatives, but now small operators are convincing the market with...

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  • Burgmaier Hightech: Automobile supplier successfully overcomes crisis thanks to investment capital

    The whole sector was affected. "But when we received 60% to 70% less orders from our customers than previously agreed, we got into a rather tight spot,” describes Karl-Hugo Schick, Managing Partner of the automobile supplier Burgmaier Hightech, the sales slumps experienced by his company in January and February 2009. The company from...

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  • Cardfactory AG: Reshuffling the cards

    A quick glance into your wallet will prove: There’s less hard cash around, but the number of plastic cards is on the rise. These may be simple identity cards with no further functionality, swipe cards with a magnetic strip (such as the "BahnCard”) or cards with an additional chip (such as EC / Maestro cash cards). In future, we will see...

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