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BVK - Bundesverband Deutscher Kapitalbeteiligungsgesellschaften e.V.


  • Novaled AG: Using investment capital for turning visions into reality

    German private equity firms support the companies in their portfolios even during economically difficult times. Novaled AG from Dresden is one current example. The company successfully operates in the OLED technology sector and has recently received EUR 8.5 million in additional equity from German venture capital firms, despite the general...

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  • TimePartner: A clear strategic positioning achieved by focussing on highly qualified temporary employment

    There are markets, where your business can't help but grow - provided you pick the right time. And there are financial investors, who know about this. In the summer of 2004, at a time when the market for qualified temporary staff began to grow, Delta Time Control was acquired by funds advised by AUCTUS.

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  • eterna Mode GmbH – Innovation and tradition as a model for success

    Always being well dressed in private and business life, with a shirt that isn’t wrinkled by evening. Saving the time it takes to iron blouses. Not investing a fortune in business attire. All of these wishes of people who go to work every day are fulfilled by eterna Mode GmbH. The traditional shirt and blouse specialist from Passau has a...

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