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  • Lange & Söhne Brunnenbau: Investment capital supports proven concepts and promotes innovation

    Well sinking is a changing industry. While the focus used to be on developing water sources and sinking wells, the field of activity in modern well sinking is far broader. Today, the focus is on re-sinking, the renewed sinking or regeneration of existing wells. Many modern well sinking operators are also geothermal specialists - an energy...

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  • Novaled AG: Using investment capital for turning visions into reality

    German private equity firms support the companies in their portfolios even during economically difficult times. Novaled AG from Dresden is one current example. The company successfully operates in the OLED technology sector and has recently received EUR 8.5 million in additional equity from German venture capital firms, despite the general...

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  • HAWE Hydraulik – investment capital strengthens family business

    HAWE Hydraulik goes back a long time: founded in 1949 by Karl Heilmeier and Wilhelm Weinlein in Munich, the company has developed into one of the leading hydraulic manufacturers over the past 60 years. This did not change even when the second and third generation of the founder families took over operations. But even a successful family business...

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