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BVK - Bundesverband Deutscher Kapitalbeteiligungsgesellschaften e.V.


  • Oxea Group: Celanese's oxo-activities turn into an independent entity

    In 2006, private equity company Advent International took over the business divisions responsible for oxo-products and derivatives, from Celanese. This was anything but a simple deal, since the financial investor had only acquired parts of a company, not a complete business. However, after successfully recombining the segments, the newly emerged...

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  • Progroup AG: Real equity for European expansion

    We all know corrugated sheetboard from the packaging industry where it is used because it is light but at the same time extremely robust. Today, corrugated sheetboard is one of the most used packaging materials in the world - and a lot of it comes from the South German town Landau, home of Progroup AG, Europe’s largest independent...

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  • Lange & Söhne Brunnenbau: Investment capital supports proven concepts and promotes innovation

    Well sinking is a changing industry. While the focus used to be on developing water sources and sinking wells, the field of activity in modern well sinking is far broader. Today, the focus is on re-sinking, the renewed sinking or regeneration of existing wells. Many modern well sinking operators are also geothermal specialists - an energy...

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